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Permanent Teeth in 1 Day
M / 66

Steve is a cancer survivor. Unfortunately some of his prescribed medications lead to tooth destruction. He suffered with the pain and discomfort of broken tooth after broken tooth. He couldn’t enjoy eating, and he would avoid social activities because he was embarrassed about his smile. The cost of repairing every single tooth was too costly and too time consuming. One day, he heard our ad on the radio and decided to come in for a consultation. After his exam and CT scan he found out more about our innovative Permanent Teeth in 1 Day procedure. He put his trust in our skilled professionals to do the procedure and it changed his life. Now he is a changed man, full of confidence and proud of his beautiful new smile!

Teeth in 1 Day patient with Dr. Khatami
Teeth in 1 Day patient with Dr. Khatami

Permanent Teeth in 1 Day

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