5 Life-Changing Benefits of Teeth in 1 Day

A survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry shows that 99.7 percent of respondents consider a beautiful smile as an important societal asset. Fortunately, dental patients today have a lot of great options for replacing loose, missing, and decaying teeth. Technology has made it viable to restore smiles in a single day with revolutionary dental implants that appear and function similarly to natural, permanent teeth.

Imagine this scenario: You arrive at Cunning Dental Group first thing in the morning. Our top cosmetic dentistry team prepare you for your treatment plan in one of our advanced operatory rooms. Then, our surgical dentist will remove any problematic teeth while you sleep and install new dental implants. Our in-house state of the art dental laboratory will have your new teeth ready to go. Our prosthodontic team will secure your new chompers in place. Before the sun even gets the chance to set, you will be on your way home with new, brilliant, fixed teeth.

At Cunning Dental Group, our precise surgery techniques allow us to perform fast extractions and affix dental implants the same day to reduce the number of appointments you need. The result is brand new, natural-looking teeth that present layers of benefits to your general health.

Everyone dreams of having a perfect smile, but broken or missing teeth can lead to a loss of confidence and interfere with normal eating and speaking abilities. The outstanding benefits of Teeth in One Day will not only elevate your life satisfaction levels but also improve your overall oral health. Specifically, these advantages include:

Every part of the mouth plays a vital role in promoting functionality and health. One of the biggest concerns with traditional dentures and bridges is that they are unable to place enough pressure on the jawbone.

Your jawbone, also known as the mandible, is the largest, strongest, and lowest bone in your face. It is responsible for forming the lower jaw and holding the bottom teeth in place. Stimulation is essential to maintaining the density of the jawbone, which is why some people with dentures experience deterioration in this area.

Teeth in 1 day dental implants are designed to improve the declining condition of jaw structures. Not only do they help stimulate and preserve jaw bone density, but they also leave a positive effect on the appearance or fullness of the face.

Example of jaw bone loss over time.

Speaking of appearances, did you know oral health can impact your facial structure, too? For instance, if you lose your jawbone density due to tooth loss or gum disease, it will impair the support provided to the ligaments and skin of your face. In layman’s terms, tooth loss and substantial damage to the jawbone can leave an unflattering hollow-like appearance to the face.

Bone loss in the jaw can cause skin wrinkling around the cheek, drooping jowls, and thinner lips, all of which can make you look much older. These downsides equally manifest in people who wear traditional dentures, as creases tend to develop around the mouth and cheeks of the wearer.

Dental implants are an excellent solution to preserving your facial structure and preventing drastic changes to your appearance. Plus, flashing a full set of white, natural-looking teeth can instantly make you look younger.

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Chewing is the first step in the digestive process. Any hindrance in your ability to break down solid food can cause several other health issues, such as recurring stomach pains and indigestion.

Since artificial dentures and other types of mouth restorations only mimic real teeth, they might take some time to get accustomed to. Consequently, it is common for patients to struggle with simple activities like eating since dentures do not always feel the same as actual teeth. Often, people remove their dentures just to enjoy certain meals.

While your dentist may recommend a soft diet during the first few weeks after getting dental implants, your new teeth will provide full chewing capacity once the mouth completely heals.

The impact of dentures on some people’s confidence is huge, especially when it is common for these removable devices to slip and slide. This impermanent, loose setting can make it difficult to smile without worrying about your dentures looking unnatural.

The difference with implants-in-a-day is that you can walk out of the clinic with full confidence that your smile is dazzling, while also knowing that your new teeth will never move out of place. You can finally look forward to less discomfort and less embarrassment.

Traditional dental implants need bone grafting and multiple implants, which takes a significant number of years to accomplish and can take a toll on your finances. In most cases, getting a full mouth of dental implants can be cost and time prohibitive. On the other hand, dentures cost less but are more challenging to maintain. Improper hygiene can also lead to bad breath, gum disease, and further bone loss.

The Teeth in 1 Day Procedure eliminates these risks since there is no bone grafting necessary in most cases. We do a 3D CT Scan so our top prosthodontists usually can find bone. As a bonus, same-day dental implants are low maintenance and only require the same oral hygiene routine as natural teeth.

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Thanks to significant advances in dental implant technology, skilled dentists can provide fixed teeth in a single visit for almost anyone. You can arrive at your dental appointment with your dentures or missing teeth, and leave a few hours later with a confident new smile and a full set of picture-perfect teeth.

It is crucial to work with a dental implant specialist to maximize the benefits of the Teeth in 1 Day procedure. Dr. Ronald Cunning of Cunning Dental Group is an authority in this technique with over 50 years of experience in general dentistry, sedation dentistry and Permanent Teeth in One Day. Schedule an Exam Online or call (855) 328-6646 to get started with a FREE consultation.


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