The Process


How the Process for Teeth-In-A-Day Works

A complete new set of upper and lower teeth in one day? We make it possible.

Welcome to Cunning Dental Group! You’ve taken your first steps to find the best long term solution to fix your teeth. It is so important to get to know the patient and be able to examine them and walk them through the process first. On your first visit to Cunning Dental Group you will be checked in at our reception and then taken into one of our many dental exam operatory rooms. Let’s get this life changing procedure Teeth in 1 Day process started!

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    Start with an exam.

    Upon making your appointment for your exam, you will meet with the Examining Dentist. You may have the opportunity to meet our Oral Surgeon, Prosthodontist and/or Restorative Dentists to gather all the information they need for a comprehensive dental treatment plan. They will record your existing dental condition, whether you still have teeth or wear dentures.

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    State of the Art Diagnostics

    The most advanced 3D CBCT scan, X-rays, jaw relation records, impressions and photos are all done in the office that same day. No more having to go to multiple offices and taking time off from your busy schedule to run around town. The results will provide critical information about the anatomical structure of your mouth including bone, sinuses and nerves. We can then determine if you are a candidate for the Teeth in 1 Day procedure.

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    Planning Your Teeth in 1 Day Surgery

    Using the latest 3D computer simulation we can position the dental implants on the most appropriate locations on the jawbone. This allows for optimal support of the replacement teeth. Once a plan is formulated, your surgery is scheduled.

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    Precision Surgery for Teeth in 1 Day

    Your next visit is your surgery. Tooth extractions, bone contouring and dental implant placement can all be done simultaneously while you sleep comfortably with sedation dentistry. A few hours later your treatment is complete and you can go home to enjoy your new smile! Patients leave feeling almost back to normal soon after the procedure with very little, if any, pain. Sounds unbelievable but the majority of our patients report little to no pain. No worries, pain meds are prescribed if you end up needing them.

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    Installing Your Provisional Teeth

    Acrylic replacement teeth are needed to facilitate initial healing. All dental implants require about four months of healing time to fuse to the bone. While you may not be able to eat that steak on day one, you do leave with a delicious, homemade soup. A small but comforting gesture that proves time and time again how much Cunning Dental Group cares about our patients. Our team ensures you receive the best quality of care throughout the entire process.

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    For most patients, the provisional teeth stay in the mouth for the first 4 months. For optimal results and to ensure long term success you are required to be on a liquid diet for the first 2 weeks. Then a very soft diet for about 3.5 months where you can eat foods that you can cut into with a fork like eggs, pasta, boiled vegetables, sausage and mashed potatoes. No hard or chewy tough foods.

    While you are healing you will enjoy your new teeth since they look great and because they are fixed you will start to get use to having teeth again.

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    Installing Your Final Teeth

    When the dental implants have fused to the bone our prosthetics team will start the process of making your final teeth. The final teeth are stronger, more durable and will fit more precisely since your tissues have healed. The new final teeth will function and look just like natural teeth and now you can have your steak, apple, and corn on the cob again.


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