Who is a Candidate


Who is a Candidate for Teeth in 1 Day?

The chances are high that YOU are an ideal candidate for Teeth in One Day in California.

This life-changing procedure is the answer for those patients that have lost all or most of their teeth or even have decaying or dying teeth. If you have dentures, hide your smile or are embarrassed to show your mouth, this may just be the procedure that is right for you. No one realizes how important their teeth are until they no longer have them. It affects a person esthetically, emotionally, and even their health and nutrition suffer as a result.

Who should consider Teeth in 1 Day? Who is a candidate?

  • People with several failing or missing teeth.
  • People with advanced periodontal (gum) disease.
  • People who are in need of multiple dental implants.
  • People who wear dentures.

Long term effects of Missing Teeth or Dentures.

Without natural or artificial tooth roots, your jaw will begin to shrink due to bone loss. This ultimately changes the shape of your face and your mouth and your jaw will appear to collapse. Your lips will seem thinner. Your skin begins to wrinkle, especially in the areas around your mouth and neck. One loses their self-confidence, looks and feels older, and has a hard time functioning.


Relative Chewing Capacity


All natural teeth


Teeth in 1 Day


Snap-On Denture


Lower denture

Stop bone loss and Get Fixed Teeth.

The Teeth in 1 Day procedure by Cunning Dental Group helps to restore all that. A new set of teeth gives a person a reason to smile more. Their self-confidence is restored. They enjoy being in social situations again. A youthfulness that they never had before emerges. Not to mention a love for food that was never possible returns once again with 70-90% of your chewing ability back. A nutritional diet that was restricted now has so many more options!

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