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The Latest And Greatest Technology Available!

Superior functionality with less stress on your dental implants. This product is as close to natural teeth as it gets!

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infini-teeth™ Benefits

  • Highly durable, stronger
  • Resistant to chipping
  • Brighter
  • Lighter in weight
  • Boost your Confidence!
  • Fully customizable: teeth and gums plus more!
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The substructure implant bar
and preps for your new teeth!


The substructure implant bar and
preps with individual Zirconia Crowns.


Substructure implant bar with milled
individual Zirconia Crowns.


Final infini-teeth™ Prosthesis.

infini-teeth™ are the strongest, most functional, and aesthetic implant-supported prosthetic with a fiber-reinforced material that bends and flexes under stress on the market today! This combination results in an incredibly durable, beautiful prosthetic that looks and feels like your natural teeth.


60% lighter than a full arch Zirconia and as gentle as natural dentition. Superior, lighter functionality means less stress is put on your dental implants. Its shock absorbing ability closely resembles the experience of natural teeth.

Shock Absorbing:

The most flexible product available on the market and the only product that actually flexes in the mouth, so it's less likely to crack or fracture under stress.

Fully Customizable:

infini-teeth™ are fully customizable. Customize the color and shape of the teeth and the gums. Have a space or chip that is unique to your smile? We can customize your infini-teeth™ to reflect your unique personality!

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