Irvine Permanent Teeth in 1 Day Seminar Recap

  • Successful Irvine Permanent Teeth in 1 Day Seminar held by Cunning Dental on 6/2/18.
  • Orange County residents learning about Teeth in 1 Day in a group environment.
  • Attendees met actual Teeth in 1 Day patients who had this life changing procedure.

Irvine, CA - Cunning Dental Group hosted another one of their popular Permanent Teeth in 1 Day Seminars on June 2, 2018. Orange County residents were treated to an educational and fun filled event on how they can achieve new, fixed teeth. This procedure involves removing your bad teeth and replacing them with new teeth attached with 4 dental implants. Not just any dental implant but the best dental implants from Nobel Biocare which are the original inventors. If you need to fix your teeth in the Irvine area then consider Cunning Dental since they have been helping patients for almost 50 years. Talk about longevity. Here is a recap of the event proceedings:

  • Introduction by Seminar Presenter Craig Hoffmann
  • Permanent Teeth in 1 Day Info
  • A Special Message from Dr. Cunning
  • Actual Patient Testimonials
  • FAQs with the Dental Team
  • Scheduling Exams

Dental Solutions

One of the nice things about getting the Teeth in 1 Day procedure is that you literally do not need any more traditional dental work. Since they remove your broken, cracked or infected teeth and replace them with a new arch of teeth that are fixed to 4 dental implants you never have to worry about another root canal, dental bridge, or dental crown ever again! If there is every any issue with the new of teeth the Permanent Teeth in 1 Day Dental Team at Cunning Dental can remove them, fix it and re-attach. It’s recommended that patients use a water pick if they need to clean around the new teeth but that’s about it!

Schedule a dental exam today!

Find out if you are a candidate for the Permanent Teeth in 1 Day procedure today by calling (855) 328-6646 or schedule an exam online.

Cunning Dental History

Dr. Cunning said a few words about the history of Cunning Dental Group at the seminar. Patients that are hearing the radio ads, tv ads or internet ads are thrilled that they get to meet the man that started the business almost 50 years ago. He takes the opportunity to go around the room and shake hands and meet everyone before he starts his speech. Not only that but he gets a chance to introduce his longest team member, Janet, who has been helping his Inland Empire cosmetic dentistry practice for over 44 years. Wow, that’s pretty impressive.

3 Permanent Teeth in 1 Day Patient Testimonials

This seminar featured three actual patient testimonials (Steve, Doreen & Monica). Patients were thrilled to see Steve & Monica live at the seminar since they are featured on the Cunning Dental tv commercial for Permanent Teeth in 1 Day. Seeing is believing so patients got a close up view of their beautiful, new fixed teeth. If you have questions or just want to learn more about the Permanent Teeth in 1 Day procedure then please consider attending a future seminar.

What’s my next step to fixing my teeth?

In order to find out if you are a candidate for Teeth in 1 Day then you will need to schedule an exam, X-Rays & 3D CT Scan. At that point we can review the results and discuss the best long term dental treatment options for you. Please call us at (855) 328-6646 or schedule an exam online.

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Irvine Permanent Teeth in 1 Day Seminar

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