Bad Breath: A Dental Problem 40 Million Americans Have

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What is the cause of bad breath?

Poor oral hygiene is the most common cause of bad breath, also referred to as halitosis. If small particles of food are left in the mouth, as it breaks down bacteria can produce sulfur compounds. The best treatment for bad breath is regular brushing, flossing, and keeping the mouth hydrated to reduce odors. Brushing of the tongue is highly recommended to reduce bad breath. Cunning Dental Group recommends regular hygiene treatments with our top hygienists so we can make sure your teeth are clean and beautiful and so you have fresh breath.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, is scared and embarrassed of bad breath! Almost nothing is as embarrassing in social situations as bad breath. Did you know that it’s the 3rd most common reason people visit the dentist. (1st reason is tooth decay, 2nd reason is gum disease.)

The good news is that Cunning Dental Group can help you take control of bad breath for good! Do you frequently find yourself asking, “Do I have bad breath?”. Do you wake up in the morning asking yourself “Why does my mouth taste bad?”. The bottom line is that these questions are common when dealing with bad breath in the mouth.

Bad Breath

Bad breath can also be caused by food. For instance, if you ate something like garlic or onions, this would definitely leave a temporary after effect. Most of our patients are more concerned with chronic daily bad breath. If you have tried everything to get rid of your bad breath then contact us today so we can help you get control.


90% of chronic bad breath cases originate from bacteria in the mouth. Other illnesses and syndromes can also lead to bad breath, especially when it involves the digestive tract. Some kinds of medications can also lead to bad breath and we can help you identify if that is the cause.

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Bacteria The Main Cause of Bad Breath

If bacteria in the mouth is allowed to grow and spread it releases by-products of malodorous acids and fatty acids. The tongue, which contains 75% of the bacteria that causes bad breath, produces keratin to help coat and protect it. A keratin layer can build up which allows an environment for bacteria and dead cells to accumulate. Bacteria in the mouth is the main cause of bad breath.


Cunning Dental Group recommends that you brush your teeth and tongue at least twice a day especially after you eat. A tongue brush or scraper can help reduce the amount of keratin allowed to accumulate on the tongue. Also floss your teeth at least once a day and drink a lot of water to prevent dry mouth. All of these activities lead to reduced bad breath.

Periodontal Gum Disease and Bad Breath

When you have gum disease, it is almost certain that you will have some degree of bad breath. Bacteria in the mouth causing gum disease can grow under the gum line which is almost impossible to clean at home and can secrete Volatile Silver Compounds (VSC). VCS’s is a normal occurrence because everyone has bacteria in the mouth. In order to not have bad breath the VSC levels have to be undetectable to the human nose.

Have you ever noticed that your mouth smells bad after you floss? Dislodging some of the bacteria and VSC’s is the cause, and if they stay in the mouth you have bad breath.


Cunning Dental Group can help treat the presence of gum disease in your mouth. We can help you prevent or reverse gum disease if it’s caught early enough. Don’t wait, call us or schedule an exam today!

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If bad breath has really been bothering you for a long time then please let us help you. People sometimes do not even want to seek help because it can be so embarrassing they do not know where to start.

At Cunning Dental Group we’ve been helping patients fix their bad breath problems for over 53 years. You have nothing to be embarrassed about with us. We are friendly and professional and our whole dental team is here to help. Schedule an exam today and get rid of your bad breath problems!

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