Cunning Dental Group’s Effective Treatments for Large Front Teeth

Having large front teeth can make you look youthful and endearing, as well as give your smile a captivating central focus. To name a few, Madonna, Demi Lovato, Tom Cruise, and Will Smith are some of the many celebrities who embrace having big front teeth. However, most of us don’t have the same beaming confidence as pop stars and actors. The reality is that we might feel self-conscious about having “buck teeth,” especially if they are too long and/or wide compared to the rest of our pearly whites.

So, are your central incisors too big? Lucky for you, correcting large front teeth in California is possible.

Dental Solutions for Large Front Teeth

Dentists might recommend one or more of these approaches after taking a comprehensive look at your smile:

1. Reshape Large Teeth

Although most general dentists can make your large and/or long front teeth appear smaller by drilling or shaving them down, our team here at Cunning Dental advises you to consider the risks before choosing this option. Shaving down teeth could affect your bite, deliver disproportionate results, and ultimately make your smile look worse. Furthermore, this approach to correcting big front teeth may expose the internal layers of your tooth, which can cause dentin hypersensitivity and increase the risk of decay, cracking, or chipping.

Reshaping large teeth by drilling or shaving them down may seem like the obvious choice, but it is not always best, particularly as an independent treatment. Proficient cosmetic dentists are more likely to use dental crowns to reshape a tooth. The process involves removing some of your natural teeth and then placing a durable and protective cover on your tooth to achieve a functional and attractive smile.

2. Reshape Surrounding Teeth

Your central teeth are an easy target for scrutiny since they are among the first things you notice when you open your mouth. Them being front and center with nowhere to hide, you may blame them for a fault that isn’t theirs.

The lateral incisors or teeth on either side of your central incisors may be too small, making your front teeth look big. This particular problem is apparent if your lateral incisors are either retained peg laterals or baby teeth. But sometimes, these are actually adult teeth that are small in size or proportion.

Cunning Dental Group can use dental crowns to make small laterals look more proportional to your central incisors and face. Our cosmetic dentist in Montclair, CA may recommend reshaping all four of your front teeth, which can help create beautifully proportioned teeth like those of Miley Cyrus, Priyanka Chopra-Jonas, and Chris Rock.

3. Gum Recontouring

Your front teeth may look big not because of the teeth themselves, but because of your gums. If your gums are too high on your lateral incisors and/or too low on your central incisors, then visually, your front teeth will look larger than they are. Recontouring your gums may help make your teeth look more proportionate.

4. Orthodontic Treatments

If your central incisors are protruding forward or outward, then they can appear bigger than their actual size. Other times, your central incisors might look disproportionate due to the improper position of your lateral incisors, which are commonly behind the central incisors.

Cunning Dental Group offers orthodontic treatments that can shift your lateral incisors forward or up, depending on your needs. Specifically, Invisalign and traditional metal braces are excellent orthodontic approaches for moving your lateral incisors and balance their appearance with your central incisors.

Do You Have a Bad Bite?

Another concern about large front teeth is that they might contribute to an unhealthy bite. For instance, having big front teeth might hinder your jaw from resting in a comfortable position. They can either keep your jaw open too wide, or push your lower jaw back to allow your upper incisors to slide in front of the lower ones. These unhealthy or irregular bites are what Irvine dentists call malocclusions.

The effects of malocclusion can go beyond your teeth. It could cause:

  • Breathing issues
  • Chewing deficiencies
  • Pain and discomfort when chewing or biting
  • Damage to other teeth and gums
  • Changes in the appearance of the face
  • Temporomandibular joint disorders

Moreover, large central incisors or buck teeth impact the relationship between the upper front teeth and lips, therefore, causing speech impediments. If you have a large overbite or open bite due to the size of your central teeth, then you may experience difficulty saying words with the letters: B, F, M, P, S, V, SH, and TH. The good news is that orthodontic treatments can help correct a malocclusion.

What Not to Do If You Have Big Teeth Problems

There are horror stories about men and women using nail files and other tools to reshape big teeth. Do not follow in their footsteps! Large front teeth that interfere with your quality of life are a problem you should never tackle on your own. Only a skilled dentist should address such dental concerns with utmost precision and finesse in order to maintain healthy teeth and jawbones. One wrong move could lead to gum disease or tooth loss. Do not take that risk.

The Right Approach for Your Smile

When you come in for your scheduled consultation here at Cunning Dental Group, we will listen to your concerns and make it our mission to help you achieve the smile of your dreams using the best technique possible. If, for example, you wish to close a gap in the middle of your large teeth, then we may recommend traditional metal braces or Invisalign to eliminate the space and shift your teeth into a more attractive position.

If you are also dissatisfied with the size or shape of your lateral incisors, then we may suggest dental crowns or veneers to reshape and proportion them to your central teeth. Last, if you have receding gums or a history of periodontal disease, then we might recommend gum recontouring.

To learn more about the best approach for improving the appearance of large central incisors in California, please call (855) 328-6646 today to schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Cunning Dental Group. It’s time to stop hiding your smile.


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