How a Smile Makeover Can Improve Your Smile

Smiling not only improves our mood but also helps our bodies release cortisol and endorphins, which have several health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, increasing endurance, and reducing stress. A smile makeover is a treatment plan that includes one or more cosmetic dentistry operations to address tooth flaws and improve the appearance of the teeth. Some of the ways a smile makeover can improve your smile are explained below:

  • Tooth replacement is the most common way that a smile makeover can improve one’s look. Missing teeth are not always a good sight, and they might cause shame or reluctance to smile. A cosmetic dentist may suggest dental implants, bridges, or dentures to restore lost teeth. A smile makeover is a type of cosmetic dentistry that aims to improve the aspects of your smile that you dislike.
  • Another way a smile makeover improves your smile is by strengthening crooked teeth. A cosmetic dentist may prescribe transparent aligners to fix minor faults with the teeth. Clear aligners can be used to straighten crooked teeth or fix minor gaps, resulting in a better smile.
  • Accidents and injuries happen, and a chipped or broken tooth can follow. These situations are not necessarily harmful, but they can have an impact on aesthetics. It can be corrected with dental crowns, veneers, or even dental bonding, all of which can be performed during a smile makeover.
  • Our oral health has an impact on our overall health. Some oral problems cause infections that might weaken the immune system. If left untreated, these infections have the potential to spread into the bloodstream and create problems in other parts of the body. A smile makeover can cure such abnormalities and prevent them from requiring a doctor’s attention.

Sometimes it’s not just about the pain, sometimes a person is simply unhappy with the appearance of their teeth. It could be discolored teeth, irregular gaps, or crookedness. A deformed dentition could be the reason the person avoids social interactions and stays near people for lengthy periods. A smile makeover, regardless of the condition, will not just correct dental disorders. Cosmetic dental operations can be performed by the dentist to improve the appearance of the teeth. The person will have no reason to shun social encounters with a new smile. They may feel more comfortable interacting socially, laughing, and having fun in the presence of others.

A smile has many benefits, and perhaps the most compelling reason to smile is that it may help you live longer. A simple smile can cause the production of neuropeptides, which promote neuronal communication, as well as neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, which can improve your mood. Many of us are aware of the healthy diets and trends that occasionally take over the internet, but how often do we honor our billion-dollar smile? A smile is a universal language that encourages positive thinking and acts as a natural antidepressant. At Cunning Dental Group, your dentist will work with you to achieve the perfect smile, free from any imperfections.

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