Why Should You Visit a Cosmetic Dentist?

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on a group of procedures designed specifically to make your smile look better. They can smooth out tiny flaws and improve the appearance of your smile. One of the primary advantages of seeing a cosmetic dentist is that they will always consider the aesthetics of your smile when recommending treatment options. Whether you require a dental filling, a dental crown, or dentures, your cosmetic dentist will always be concerned with the appearance of your smile. This means you won’t have to worry about undergoing dental procedures that make your smile appear artificial or ugly. Cosmetic dentists create restorations that improve the appearance of your smile, while also restoring the strength and functionality of your teeth.          

Cosmetic dentistry generally encompasses the following:

  • Bonding, porcelain veneers (laminates), crowns (caps), and gum grafts are all examples of dental materials that are added to teeth or gums. They appear realistic and can correct several cosmetic issues, including crooked teeth, cracked or damaged enamel, and obvious gaps between two teeth.
  • Invisalign is a custom-made, clear plastic aligner tray used to straighten teeth instead of metal braces. They are virtually undetectable on the teeth, allowing you to achieve a straighter smile without the daily difficulties of brackets and wires.
  • Enameloplasty and gingivectomy are procedures that include the removal of tooth structure or gums to improve the aesthetic look of your smile by reshaping the gum line.
  • Teeth whitening (bleaching), laser whitening, and gum depigmentation affect the surface of the tooth and do not include the addition or removal of dental components, tooth structure, or gums. The surface of each tooth will first be cleaned of plaque, and tartar prior to the procedure in order to restore the tooth’s natural appearance.
  • Orthodontics is the process of straightening teeth and improving the appearance of your smile. It treats dental irregularities using braces, retainers, and bands to change the position of teeth in the mouth.

A cosmetic dentist has the same fundamental training as a general dentist. They can carry out all essential tasks that a general dentist can do, including X-rays, tooth cleaning, and other key procedures. Both can fill cavities,  and carry out other restorative techniques. The fundamental distinction between cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry is that going to a cosmetic dentist will give you the best possible aesthetic results if you’re self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth. While a cosmetic dentist focuses more on the patient’s smile looks, a general dentist takes care of your essential dental needs.

Cosmetic dental issues can also make communicating difficult. You may experience a small lilt if you overbite or have other dental alignment problems. A cosmetic dentist can alter your bite to make it more in line with the rest of your smile. They improve your overall dental health with proper hygiene and aligned dental features. A smile makeover will encourage you to take better care of your teeth. Your dental cleanliness standards also affect how beautiful your smile will be, so your cosmetic dentist will take some strict hygiene precautions while enhancing your smile. The benefit of visiting a cosmetic dentist is that you will always attain better overall results, regardless of the treatment you receive.

Cosmetic dentists blend art and dentistry to provide you with a healthy and functional smile while also considering the look of your smile. Schedule an appointment with Cunning Dental Group online or call us at (855) 328-6646, and our team of specialists will make sure to provide you with the smile you have been dreaming of.

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